Conductive Reusable Packaging Box

Conductive Reusable Packaging Box

Corrugated Plastic sheet can be fabricated and converted into various of reusable packing box, shipping containers etc. Comparing with cardboard materials packing bin, this plastic reusable box is cost-effective because it is used many times, and is the most effective solution to minimizing your enterprise' costs efficiently.

We also produce special application's containers, including conductive box, fire retarded, anti-static box, which is widely applied to be as packing in the automotive and electronic industry.

As those components are very sensitive, fragile and with high value so it need perfect protection from damage. This plastic transit packing is just the better choice for packing than other packing materials, such as wood, cardboard and even metal etc

Those boxes could avoid spare parts or industry materials from breakage because of static, and safely transported and storage. Meantime this packing also play very effective protection especially for semi-conductor, computer and telecommunication equipment those transmit electric current sensitive to static.



Product Origin: China
Model Number: EGIL-004
Brand Name: Ever Grace

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